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2 Mar 2002
Vista allows you to change the audio output device ... say USB headphones to speakers and vice versa. My question is, is there a way to change the output device after an application is open instead of closing it down, changing the default output device and restarting the application again?

Much thanks.
Seems like you can if the application supports it. Skype for example lets you change all your outputs without closing the program. Unfortunately it is the only app I've seen to do this. Wish iTunes and some other media players would do so as well.
Foobar2000 will but you have to stop and restart the file you are playing.
you didn't ask if an application could do it, you asked if windows would do it :)

Ask the right question I'll give you the right answer :)
Interesting. The way I read the question ... it would read either way ... the application or the OS.

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