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DEF CON 10 - Will You Be There



The 10th anniversary of what has become the largest hacker convention on the planet!
DEF CON 10 will be held August 2,3,4th at the Alexis Park Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

So whos up for a road trip??

I am seriously looking into going as I dont think it will be going on for very much longer. Dark Tangent has been upset by all the newbies and how big it has gotten over the years here is his open letter <Dark Tangent Comments>

[Def Con Website]


Electronic Punk

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That would be exactly 3 weeks too earlyfor me to enjoy myself over in the states... What do they expect 20 year olds to do in there free time over there?


Prodigal Son
Originally posted by koko
don't forget to post all the pics of the government agents that'll be hangin' around. :D
You mean the ones in the black suits with black sunglasses driving the black Suburbans?


Originally posted by xsivforce
You mean the ones in the black suits with black sunglasses driving the black Suburbans?
Oh no these guys you dont see... They even have a contest there called 'Spot the Fed' There are a bunch of agents there posing as 'hackers' 'crackers' or whatever. It is widely know they are there to scope out the place for new talent. La Femme Nikita geek style.


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