Deep Fried motherboard ...


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yeah.... it's basically the same theory as the following... except not quite as neat.

As expected..... with a computer designed around being completely submerged.... it kinda takes Alienware's outrageous prices and laughs in their face (which is easily noticable by the fact that it's not possible to customize one and have the price come out to under $3,000. C2D E8600, 2GB DDR3, 1x 500GB Hard drive, 1x 9800GTX, 1x 650w power supply, Pioneer DVD Burner, and NO OS still is $3,500). doesn't mean i wouldn't want one though, even though upgrading it would be a pain, since you'd have to get the new parts from them, seeing as they'd have to be specially treated and designed to work in their case.... which i have to say is BEAUTIFUL!

If you look around on Google... you can find reviews of it where they go more in-depth with the design and show you a lot more about it. really ingeniously designed i must say. If i remember correctly, the whole motherboard is secured to a panel that's screwed in around the top of the case..... with like 20-some screws or something.


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I like the radiator in that, dragon. I priced a top of the line product and it came out to 12,000.00 lol ...


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I hope the idiot did not eat the fries.

There are dozens of toxic chemicals and solvents in the computer parts that would leach into hot oil, not the worst of which is the lead in the solder.
it really wouldn't. It would only be an issue if he made it a habit to have silicon fries every day. You breath more toxins walking down the street that would leech from the pc parts frying your chips :)

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