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Decision [?]


Graphic Designer
Topic ideea : we really need the new microsoft mice products ? ( blue ) .. are those colors changing 'our life' ?

Opinion :
1. Yes , very nice ideed
2. Same technology , bleah ..

To make this topic more popular let's vote for your favorite mice ..
and take a decision .. finally ..

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Well it kinda weird that people take new technology for granted these days, no one is to exited about it anymore... but MS aren't really technology pioneers the way i see it, they just max out the existing tech...

so life will go on if MS will go out of business.
Hey look! It's another MS mouse!

Sick. I don't know what's up with MS, they have too much money; and releasing things that are not needed. OOh blue! wow the new MS theme; let's make everything blue!

I love my old 2 buttom mouse; with a scroll wheel. It's by AOpen, and I had if for how long I don't know.

No one needs the new mice; it's just specials that dell is going to add to their computer purchases " new adavanced mouse "


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