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deciding between 2 headset mic's..... second opinions needed


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Ok..... i'm kinda debating between these two headset microphones.

Logitech Extreme PC Gaming headset
Logitech Internet Chat Headset

Mostly going to be using it for gaming (whether it's using in game chat like in HL2, UT2k4, etc... or by using Teamspeak). Which one would be the better buy? anybody know of any better for about the same price? i used to have the Logitech Precision PC Gaming headset, but the foam ring around the headphones themselves weren't really comfortable in mid-summer if you know what i mean.


The One and Only

any input? really would like to hear an opinion of someone who has one of the 2, or both..... or just relative input as to which you would get and why.


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They look the same for the most part.

A few differences in the resistnace but not signifcant.

Probably go with the gaming one because its designed for gaming (supposedly, the other one has basically the same look and specs).
Between those 2 go for the gaming headset. The ear peices are large and have larger pads. That makes a big difference after they're on for a while.

Personally I like the Plantronics myself, but they run $30.


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LordOfLA said:
I'd go for a sennheiser headset myself :)

But thats just cos I' know how amazing my Sennheiser HD280 headphones are :)
I have a set of HD497 and they sound sexy. ;)

As for you ED perhaps if you can find them at a local store try them both on and see which fits better? If not going w/ the gamers probably.


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i'm just worried cause i don't know if the gaming ones have that ring of thick foam padding that goes around where the actual speakers are..... or if it's just that thin layer of foam going over the whole front of the speaker part.

edit: also looked at those Sennheiser headsets..... guess you's missed the part about me using it for voice communication.

edit #2: think i'm jus gonna order the gaming one. just read a review for the other one and it said it'd be good for internet chat, but not for gaming, due to lack in sound range because of weak drivers for the speakers.
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eeh....... not a fan of over-the-head headsets..... like behind the neck more....... and as i already mentioned, the set i had before was WAY too hot with the thick foam ring cup-like thing.


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I use this one here, it looks like one of the ones that you linked to, it came free with me pre-order of BF2 :) They fit nice and work great, but there isnt much bass to them.
yeah. that's why i got the next step higher, the Extreme PC Gaming headset. they say there's a lot broader range of sound levels with the gaming ones than there is with the Internet Chat headset, which is the one you have. Too bad Archos doesn't make behind-the-neck headset mic's. i have a set of the headphones from when i had an Archos MP3 player, and i just noticed that they've got awesome sound quality, cause i hooked them up yesterday for the hell of it since it was easy due to the headphone port on the front of my 5.1 surround sound speaker setup's center channel speaker.

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