Decent Pop Up Killer?



Anyone know of any decent pop up killer for IE 6 ?

Im using Panicwares pop up stopper pro companion and im noticing all the frequently that a lot of pop ups seem to be coming through, so maybe its time to find something else. Anyone got anything good they using ?



its called pop-up stopper its the best and also one of the smallest.
ive used it for about 2 years now and the only time i have pop-ups are when i want them.


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I have never had a pop up come through with pop up stopper that I didn't want to see. But then again I use IE so rarely to be funny.



I was using Popup Killer for the longest, until Meaya took over. Personal reason for like Popup Killer, is the fact that you make your own blacklist.

Popup Killer The download link at the upper left side.

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was mentioned before, now I'll tell you why adsheild has no peer

one...does not use ram, as it is part of ie is the only stopper I know of that doesn't need server rights...therefore, it does not require bandwidth to function

three, it not only eliminates the add, but it shrinks the add area to 0x0

therefore, the area that was the add becomes browser content

now, add killers are like pillows...we come to love the one we're using

never the less, I will tell you unequivicably;

adshield has no peer among free add killer utilities


I'm using "Don't Panic Pop Up Stopper Companion 3.22" and have never had a popup come through .. I also have it set to clear my Cookies, Temp Internet Files, History, Recycle Bin, Run History, Recently Viewed History, Auto Complete Passwords, and Auto Complete Form Data when IE closes ... It works great to say the least, I like it alot ..

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