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December 2005, Database Rollback

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Electronic Punk

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Sorry guys, I have gone and done it again.
I was trying to fix an issue with the arcade and had to remove some tables and ignorantly managed to drop the database.

So I rang X-istence and asked when the last backup was and where it was kept. Unfortunately the backup script he was writing was still being developed so no backup to our NAS was actually occuring.

I did have the backup from when we moved to the new server though and I have been forced to upload that. The database backup was done on August 30th.

Fortunately after working on it for the last 4 hours, I have managed to get everything back into the order that it was almost in earlier today. Sadly the posts and threads obviously can't be recovered, as well as any members who have signed up since August 30th this year - so please sign up again (unless you already got your Razr drivers?)

Avatars and profile pics have also been affected, but the files are still there and you can access then here, they are organised by userid:


I know there are going to be a few glitches but I think I have got most of everything updated and fortunately aside from having to upgrade vBulletin again, much of the site itself has not changed. There are a few things that have and I will be working hard to restore them.

I know X-istence is also rather upset about this as he obviously really didn't need this to happen and by sods law I was really eager to create and download a manual backup last night as MySQL is once again outgrowing our server and I was going to look into ordering an additional server today - I will delay this a little until everything is back in order.

Once again I am sorry this has happened, it makes me sick to my stomach when this happens. We have lost alot of good posts once again, I know I have made some really tough posts over the last 3 months with the loss of various animals, hard core rig pimpage as well as alot of news posts and well, the list goes on.

Feel free to flame me below if you must - I deserve it and will be working hard to get every as up to date as I can once more.


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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

No flames are warented, you've done **** loads for this site and all you do is much apreciated. without your hardwork there would be no site at all :(

take it server host doesn't have a backup of any time as they rely on us using the nas? :(

thank you for hard work in getting the site back to where you have :D

p.s are we changing domain names again? ;)


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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

Nooooooo! My high score from Snake is gone :(

Oh man, this this IS annoying though and all too sad that is happens every year :( But mistakes happen and you are human.

Thankfully we had a somewhat recent backup this time :p
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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

no resurrection this time then.... a proper data outage - that's what I like to see....

and let's have no whining - only girls care about lost reps or post counts (which actually seem to be unaffected!)


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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

I don't think any flaming is warranted. This site is a great community, valued and built by the members and moderators/admins who police it. The site is fine now, will be re-built and the quality of our members will bring it back to where it was, if not better.

If anything, I agree with what Henyman said, you guys all do so much work for this site, and make it what it was. If the site was crap before, and it died, no one would care. Use that for motivation :)

I'll do anything I can do to help, stay up all night if I have to ;)
Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

We'll survive. :)

The best we can do right now is to start re-creating some of our favorite discussion threads that are gone. Other than that, we can all still have the satisfaction of having helped our fellow-members when they had a problem or question. Our posts might not be around for future reference, and that's unfortunate, but at least all is not lost. Keep up all the good work, everyone!


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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

Sooooo... is this like a yearly ritual thing now? :rolleyes:

And no, EP is not human. He is a silicon based AI and he seems to be malfunctioning again. He gets his yearly upgrade and all his nuts 'n bolts come loose.



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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

Well, that definitely sucks. I'm more sorry that it happened to you and X than the fact that it happened.

Evil Marge

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Re: Another rollback - WHAT?

At the end of the day we know we'll bounce back.
Theres no need for whinging and whining cause we're as tough as old boots we are and take it on the chin :D
EP and X-istence deserve a thank you for all they've done for us over the years which is more important than any little mishap
*hip hip hooray* :laugh:
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