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Debian 3.0r2 question...

I am going through trying to disable unneeded services and whatnot on my linux box and I was wondering something. This answer to this question may be very obvious...but...I have a cable internet connection and I do not need PPP right? I am using update-rc.d -f <daemon name> remove to tidy up the install and I wanted to make sure before I inserted ppp in place of <daemon name> and then ended up needing it.
I use a broadband connection here in uni and at home. I don't have PPP enabled on my Slackware installation. As far as I know, you only need it for dial-up connections.
Everything works without a glitch.
here are the remaining services in this run level...I think I can get rid of some more...just not sure what some of them are....

server:/etc/rc2.d# ls
S10sysklogd S20inetd S20samba S20xfs S89cron S99gdm S99rmnologin
S11klogd S20makedev S20ssh S50proftpd S91apache S99kdm S99xdm

I am not sure about rmnologin and xdm...i use kdm as my display manager but I am not sure if it needs xdm or not.

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