Death of StyleXP, need help restoring

I managed to salvage my own account, as it luckily reverted to another theme after stylexp expired

but another account has an interesting issue... all of the text is black, the background is black, etc, so all I can see are the icons
which makes it difficult to get into the properties window to change the theme
(hmm, catch-22... to change the theme id have to be able to see, but to be able to see, have to change the theme....dammit)

so, is there any way to change the theme of that user from an admin account?


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As far as I know you cannot change another users Theme from your account..I would re-install StyleXP or the uxthemepatcher.
guess I didnt really make it clear... its not that styleXP crapped the bed, it just expired (been 30 days)

so I can reinstall it, but it wont do anything but tell me to buy it, which I might end up doing anyway

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