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dealing with .ISO's


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I have a question. My friend copied a REALLY OLD game for me off CD that he had and sent it to me. The problem is it is in .ISO format and I don't have my CD burner here. Is there a way I can convert the .ISO into the actual file format so I can play the game, or do I have to burn it?


The Analog Kid
There are so many ways to skin this cat. I'd go for software you might already have installed (nero, winrar). If not, then Daemon Tools would get my vote.


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If you want the files on HD then use ISObuster to extract the files/folders on to your HD.
Alcohol would be the one to use if you were to burn the iso on to CD. :)
in the first post he mentions that he does not have a burner, so he has two choices: mount the iso to a virtual drive or use something to extract the files from the iso.

There are so many different ways to go about the above.
na cant beleve you guys didnt say virtual cd 6.00 < its rather large for a virtual cd util (25mb) but wow it has so many features (better than alcohol 102%!!)


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There's a software called VirtualCD, not sure who it's made by, or whether they've been taken over. But that software allows you to create many virtual CD drives so you can stick a few CD images on to your machine and not have to change the CD each time you need to use it.


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ming said:
There's a software called VirtualCD..

i remember using that to run a hacked copy of command and conquer back in the 90s. had the dos version... couldnt figure out how to do it with warcraft2 tho... i was a minor


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Nero has a Virtual CD in it also. It will only mount .iso and .nrg'sthough. I don't mount iso's that much, but when I do I use Alcohol ..

I am thinking about dumping alcohol though, they have'nt updated it ina while and there are some issues with it that kinda bug me ..

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