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DeadAIM - Remove ads from AIM


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Sick of waiting for a new AIM+ or MyIM?
Sick of the bulky new AIM 5.* window?
Too many toolbars?
Sick of the ads?
Do you miss the logging feature?

All good reasons to try DeadAIM. Although I just came across this program, it works quite well. Not only does it block ads, it removes the AIM logo from up top (where the ad appears). You can also remove those annoying, and huge toolbars from the top and bottom of the AIM window. It also has a log feature (in which I have no use for) but could be quite useful. And lets not forget about the transparency feature.

I haven't noticed any changes in performance yet, as AIM seems to be functioning normally.

Give it a try today. Official URL below.


Forget about AIM+ and MyIM, DeadAIM is in the house. Enjoy.
Thanks Madmatt, awsome link. Got the program, works great, and those annoying AIM banner ads are gone.

Love it so far, all but one thing; You can't resize the buddy list window, or at least, I can't.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
Nick, I had no problems resizing the window. hmmm. weird.

And I forgot to mention the best part of all. Unlike AIM+ and MyIM, DeadAIM is a plugin for AIM, not an additional .EXE that must also be run. Works with aim.exe, now how's that?

Try it today.


I gave it a try, seems to be working good so far. I did have a little issue resizing buddy list window. I can do it but only to a certain limit. I cant make it as small as I would like but can adjust it within a certain range. I can happily live with this to be rid of all the adds and junk.

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