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!>>>>DEAD PIXELS<<<<<!


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Hi all havent had a thread of my own 4 a while so here goes...

what i wanna know is... ive been contemplating buying a decent size lcd monitor. but ive been put off by the term dead pixels... thats OK but you can have dead pixels and the manufacturer nor the retailer will replace it. i think a minimum of 8 dead pixels has to be made before new egg will replace it.

has anyone got a flat panel screen and how bad are the dead pixels on it... cuz this sounds gehy that some lcd screens cost in excess of £2000 and could look like a shambles cuz of bright or dark spots plaqueing it yet they wont replace it... it would be much different if you got a processor from AMD and you opened it up to find that 3 of the pins were snapped off then foned up AMD and they say "LIVE WITH IT"... youd be well pissed

so has anyone got an LCD with dead pixels, can you tell me if they are blindingly obvious, a few piccies would be nice

i have a lcd a luckily all my pixels work. also heard the stories that it is f*cking anoying to have a dead pixel, but i ner saw a real live one :p just be sure to always check your lcd in the store...
This is acctually almost as bad as you describe it. Yes I've seen LCD:s with "acceptable" number of dead pixels. Some are less obvious (like a dead pixel only seen when the screen is totally green), some are more obvious (red pixel shining in your face all the time). So if you ask me it's like a big lottery. I won't buy an LCD unless I'm sure it's 100% ok.


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My experience

I had a toshiba 4010CDT laptop and it had 5 dead pixels very near the centre of the screen. It was pretty annoying coz the laptop was used mostly for word processing and with the white background the dead pixels where very off putting and visable.
I had an awful job getting the bugger replaced as it didn't have "enough" dead pixels to get a replacement. In the end I kicked up enough stink and letters that the company replaced it but it did take over 2 months.

As a result I won't be getting a LCD monitor in the near future just my 2 pence worth !!!

Just check before you part with your money that the company will replace it or if they will let you check it before you leave the store.


I have a Samsung 19.1 " with one dead pixel. Hardly ever notices. Don't be too afraid. If you have any dead pixels, say it was DOA and get a refund!

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There are three classifications on this.
Class III: Worst, many pixels required for replacement.
Class II: The most common. 3-4 pixels for replacement.
Class I: One pixel enough for replacement.

Afaik these classifications aren't exact, they vary a little. Tom's has some articles on the subject.

So far the only screen I've seen in Class I is an Apple.
Check out Tom's hardware they did an article on dead pixels and who would replace them and under what circumstances.

One thing I remember form the article is "dead" pixel means many different things. The pixel can be black (not very annoying) or it can show up as some color combo and be distracting as hell.

Two questions to ask yourself before you buy:

1). If I bought a CRT monitor with spots on it would I be willing to keep it?

2). Am I a type A personality (i.e. go balistic if you think you have been screwed)?

If your answers are NO and NO then buy an LCD. If either answer is YES. Wait until they stop selling defective hardware to buy the LCD.



and it also depends on where the dead pixels are

if they are in the centre of your screen... it will annoy the hell out of you.


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Originally posted by NetRyder
If it's not clearly visible, how do you find out if you have dead pixels or not?
Real easy way, open photoshop or even mspaint, use the bucket fill feature and fill the screen with with white, see if you see anything other than white, then do black, blue, green, and red. Look for pixels that are not the color that you filled the image with that is your dead pixel if any.


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friend and i both bought Dell 1800FP's:

.. and both have 0 dead pixels. so having dead pixels is probably at least partially brand-related.

one thing to look out for with lcd's is putting pressure on the screen. even if you clean it, you could create areas that are slightly lighter than others when displaying a black background. but it's not that bad and only noticeable if you look for it (with an all-black background). but this isn't something that would affect your buying decision since all lcd's are like this.


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thanks. :) i love it. i never thought i would get one anytime soon because of the slow response time and them not being the best for gaming. but this one seems to have a very acceptable response time.

and now when i look at websites or text on a crt, i can't help but notice the blurriness. }:\

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cheerz for the response guys cuz it really is daunting buying stuff that youve heard bad stuff about.

i want the benefits of lcd like easier on your eyes and a sharper picture.

hey taurus how much was that screen


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you can click on the image of it up above to take you to the dell store. but i stumbled on a coupon code or two, plus it was on sale at the time... so like $375 plus tax and shipping.

doesn't look like you can get it near that price right now. :(

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