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DDR400 timings question


The One and Only
Ok, here's my dilemma. i just traded in my 512MB DDR400 (2x256) (and yes, you read that right, traded in) for 1GB of DDR400 (still had to pay like $116, but not a bad offer, plus the ram has RAMSinks. The problem is, as of right now i can't have my CPU cranked up to 3.0Ghz while having the RAM in the 400Mhz range. if i have the RAM at 415, which is where it would be if i had the CPU at 3.0Ghz, my computer either won't boot, or will be very unstable. The DDR400 that i got is rated for a CAS setting of 2. Was kinda wondering exactly what the terms meant for the RAM timings and which are the best to adjust and to where. the numbers shown are what are shown in my BIOS when i have the RAM timing adjustments set to auto (or SPD according to my BIOS).

CAS Latency Time = 2.5
Active to Precharge Delay = 7
DRAM RAS# to CAS# delay = 3
DRAM RAS# Precharge = 3
Refresh Mode Select = 7.8 us
the lower the numbers like (2-2-2) the faster the memory- but i "think" when you o/c u'd need to losen them to like 3-3-3 or 4-4-4 in order to hit higher cpu clock speeds~
Well, please let us know the kind of ram you got also. The timings are nice to work with, but sometimes it also depends on the kind of chips they used in the ram. Like BH5 or Samsung TCCD's. Stuff like that.

Also, what sort of cooling do you have on the processor? What kind of processor? What are your temps? What motherboard?

These are all important variables in determining the proper settings for your overclocking. Not to mention voltages you are pumping into the vDimms and the vCore.


The One and Only
Shepscrook, u can find most of that info in my sig.

GigaByte GA-8IK1100 rev. 2.0
P4 2.4C (used to be at 3.0 before the 1GB of RAM) running at about 40 idle, 52 under heavy load being cooled by the GigaByte 3D Cooler Pro
Here is the data sheet for my RAM

never had to adjust the voltages when i OC'ed the CPU. always ran stable.

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