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ddr400 read as 333?


High On Life!
ok i built my sisters new pc, abit kv7, and the ram 256 ddr400 twinmos, and amd athlon xp 2400+, the ram is being read as 333, but i dont know how to change that in the bios what should i look for and change that to, i think its cuz the cpu speed is 333 thats why the ram is running at 333 right? i dont know how to change this and dont want to ruin anything and btw i did update teh bios the the latest version and it detected it as 266 same as the first time i turn the pc on, i had to go in and tell it the cpu was the 2400+ it thought it was the 1500+ then it read as 333, how do i get it to read 400?


High On Life!
thats what i thought, can i lower the mulitiplier and then higher the fsb so it would still read as the 2400+ and not get hotter?

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