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Arte et Marte
Having a bit of a mental blockage, my Abit BE7 board can take up to 2GB of DDR Ram. It has 3 x 184 pin slots, one of which is taken up by a 512 MB module at present.

I want to stick another 512 MB in, but the manual says DIMM2 & DIMM3 are sharing, so does that mean I HAVE to use both slots with 256MB in each, or can I just stick 512MB straight in to the middle slot?

If I hadn't read the manual, I would just have ordered up the 512MB - it's the 'sharing between 2 & 3' that is confusing me.
You're right, very confusing. And no explanation anywhere in the manual or on their site as to what they mean.

On the bright side adding just one more 512 into DIMM 2 should work just fine.

If you want to use the third DIMM someday there may be restrictions like having to use buffered RAM. An email to their help site should clarify what they meant. In the mean time I'd go ahead with another stick of 512.
i think the sharing is the memory channels so you get dual channel if you put 1 dimm in 1 slot and 1 in 2 or 3 singel channel if you put them in 2 and 3


Arte et Marte
Yup Leejend, you are right. This mobo has the Intel 845PE Chipset. What the hell, lets stick another 512MB - Im sure too it will be okay.

Many thanks

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