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This could be a stupid question, but i dont know the answer to it. If i get DDR Ram do i have to buy 2 modules or can i run with just one?

I want 512 Meg min, but i would rather buy 1 512 Meg module instead of two 256Meg modules.

Any ideas?

Also im probably going to get a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard to stick it on, tomshardware.com thinks it rocks, and im pretty sure he knows what hes talking about. Has anyone had any probs with this board?


went thru 2 of those boards....couldnt get it to boot up.....probably was just me :(......ive had no problems with msi boards tho the kt3 ultra is not rated as high as the gigabyte.......good luck hope u get it to work:)
I have heard of some probs with GB mobos however also some real good opinions as well, but I'd go with Epox, Abit or Soltek personally.

Don't forget to run ya ram at CAS2 instead of poos 2.5 you'll get better performance and turn on 4way interleaving on too :D

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