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DDR Memory


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I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Im from the UK and have a ASUS P5P800 SE Motherboard and im looking to add some more memory to it. I would like some help and if some one can suggest a make or memory to add to my motherboard.
My main problem is that im not too sure what to look at and if it supports my motherboard. Im from the UK and looking to buy from a UK site.

The current memory i have at the minute is a
Samsung PC3200U-30331-Z SRM DDR PC3200 CL3
KR M36826523DUS-CCC 0542 (that was all the info on the sticker on the memory)

thanks to anyone that can help :up:


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Well you can dig around on Asus site and see if you can find the list of ram companies that will work with it.

Corsair memory should work as should OCZ, Kingston and other name brands.
If you don't want to limit yourself to Crucial brand just use the memory configurator on the newegg site (left center on the link below). Write down the brand and type and search for it on the UK mail order sites.


Or you can download CPUz.exe and use it to read the details on your present memory. Then just find memory with the same ratings. If you have a free slot you just add a stick. If both slots are used you need to replace at least one of them.
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