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DDR Memory


Free to Fly
Ok first post here..

With DDR memory, whats the difference between Major and Major Branded? I am looking into DDR memory for my computer as I need to replace the motherboard in the one I have.

If anyone can enlighten me it would be appreciated. =)


To the best of my knowledge, major means major in terms of standard. This phrase is commonly used in old sd ram at 100 and 133mhz, because it fits in most pc's.

Whereas major branded means it has a name on the ram chips, like samung, rather than being blank with an unkown source of origin (branded being much better quality as you know your getting what you paid for).

I hope to god I'm right and havnt just made a fool of myself :)

If your looking at DDR note the different speeds your new mobo can handle and buy the highest speed for future proofing. There are mainly 3 different typs of DDR going round at the moment. PC2100, PC2700 and PC3200 (slowest to fastest). Its probably best to go for PC2700 at the moment because you can only find 256mb sticks of PC3200 and you can overclock most PC2700 ram to the same speed. Happy hunting.


Free to Fly
thanks alot for your help. the mobo i've got my eye on can handle up to pc2700, and a cpu up to athlonXP 2000+ so its not all bad. adding to it a pc2700 256ddr chip it shouldnt end up costing me more than about £110 =)

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