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DDR memory interleaving


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Ok, seems like it would be the correct thread. How exactly would i find out if my motherboard supports Memory Interleaving? Probably trading in my current 1GB (2x512) Cas 2 DDR400 for either 2 sticks of 512MB Cas 2.5 DDR400, or 4 sticks of 256MB Cas 2.5 DDR400 (more likely this one if my mobo supports memory interleaving). can't OC with this RAM if my life depended on it. seems like if this ram ain't running at EXACTLY 400Mhz, it won't work and throws a hissy fit.


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tried. doesn't mention it anywhere. and the only articles i find after googleing it refer to memory interleaving on much older systems (which FSB's ranging around maybe 133Mhz i think. maybe lower)


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As far as the interleaving I would go with Steevo and say if you don't see it in your BIOS it's not an option for you. I would also suggest going w/ 2 sticks of 512MB over the 4 sticks of 256MB. Also investigate what brands OC better with your mobo if possible as not all RAM will OC the same and each board has RAM it likes more then others. Also as with anything in computers, just because someone else got a certain Hz doesn't mean your going to. Every component will have small imperfections that just can't be helped.
This may sound familiar but you could go to the Gigabyte website where it tells you on the first page for your board....


If you still can't find it I clipped the info:

Dual Channel DDR 400 Memory Architecture with ECC Support
With double the bandwidth of your system memory and hence boosts the system performance to out perform any memory existing solutions in the market. The GA-8IK1100 (Rev 2.0) allows you to handle memory-intensive tasks with ease

Aren't responses like this embarassing? I hate it when I get them.

PS Another give away is to look at the baord. If one of the sockets is a different color it usually indicates dual channel (aka interleaved). Check the manual to see which socket combos will actually give you the interleaving. All 6 probably won't. And with 400 mHz RAM you may have to retard the wiat state timing to get stability.


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Dual channel is 64 bit transfer.

Interleaved memory performs a R-W cycle to one bank of RAM while the other is in its refresh state.
DDR stands for Dual channel DRAM, memory access is interleaved between chips on one DIMM.

Dual Channel DDR is a MB chipset function for DDR which allows interleaved access to 2 seperate memory DIMMs. i.e. You get quad speed access with Dual DDR capable MBs.
Stevo, stop using the cannabis in your sig. I have a dual channel board and it uses memory interleave between DIMMs to get the quad bandwidth. Show me a reference where it it says Dual Channel DDR is 64 instead of 32 BIT wide.

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