DDR: 2 Modules or 1?


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Is it true that if you have a motherboard with DDR, you have to fit it with at least 2 modules? For example, 512 MB would be 2x 256 MB.
I am asking this, because every computer I've seen fitted with DDR, has 2 memorymodules.


I have never heard of that and know of at least two computers with only one stick of DDR that work just fine. I prefer to have two sticks or more for one reason. Last week a stick of my Crucial PC2100 died on me. Had I only had one stick I would be dead in the water. Because I had two sticks I am still up and running while I wait for the RMA.

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I know a few computers with 1 stick that run fine.
For instance, before, I had one 512MB DDR module, now I have two, adding up to 1 Gigabyte.

My other computer has 1 also.

Although I agree, if your Ram goes bad somehow; best to have a back up avaliable.

Nick M

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Sure thing Glaanieboy :)

Now I need to post and ask how to connect my Super Nintendo/ my loaned PS2 to my computer; so it shows up on my display; without one of those VGA box thingers :p

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