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dd-wrt or tomato firmware

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i have a linksys WRT54GS router and have often heard about the above firmwares and how they give better functionality and what not - just wondering if there is anyone using or have used the firmwares.

is it worth messing about with them ?


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I use DDWRT and have been using it for years. Most of the guys that are technically inclined that I know use it. It's just much more robust than the linksys firmware.

Dark Atheist

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just concered that either of them might contain back doors or something, have d/l tomato as all the pages i have been reading so thats the one to go for.

mind you not many of them have screen shots so i can compare them

Dark Atheist

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i just installed tomato - looks quite tidy, i like the bit where it shows what wireless networks are near me from withing the router pages, and im not even using wireless :D


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eh lighter on resources doesn't really matter when you are running it on a router. If it is compatible, it's compatible. dd-wrt also supports more routers. I have it running on a Belkin router and I love it. From the screenshots I've seen of tomato, they seem to support the same features, with DD-WRT supporting more depending on which version your router can use.


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I prefer OpenWRT, then again that does not come with a web interface that allows you to set it up.

As for DD-WRT and Tomato, both are open-source projects, you are free to take a look at the source, and compile your own binaries. They are however trusted projects in the open source community, and thinking about it, can probably be trusted more than a corporation, since development is entirely public.


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I have one of the dreaded linksys wrt54g with the limited memory so I can only run dd-wrt micro and it runs great. wish I had a different amount of memory but oh well.


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Each firmware seems to have its strengths. Here's how I made my choice.

I've used DD-WRT for 1+years on 2 WRT54GLs ... v23 sp1 and sp2. Both have worked great. As I was contemplating the move to upcoming DD-WRT v24 I decided to eval other firmware (both OpenWRT/XWRT and Tomato)

I liked the easy firewall config with X-WRT but chose Tomato v1.13 because of signal reliability.

DD-WRT and X-WRT offer features that Tomato does not, however, I've had far fewer disconnects with Tomato.

When using DD-WRT, a nearby microwave oven regularly knocked out my wifi connection. Very replicatable.

When using Tomato, same microwave does not faze my wifi at all.

At the end of the day, I need reliable connection more than the bells and whistles.

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