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31 Mar 2002
I keep getting this error in the "Event Viewer" under "System"

Source: DCOM
Event ID: 1005
Category: None

DCOM got error "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. " attempting to start the service upnphost with arguments "" in order to run the server:

Now I have gone through the "Help" crap and looked at the "Services" and the "DCOM Services Process Launcher" has starter and is on automatic. I can't figure out what is associated with it that might be turned off.
Check your “SSDP Discovery service” and “Universal plug and play device host service” they should be started and set to “manual or automatic” whatever you prefer.

For some reason I’ve noticed the dcom error on systems the minute WMP11 is opened if either one of these services are not started and at least set to manual “SSDP and Universal plug and play device host service”.
I would disable SSDP Discovery, UnPnP & DCOM unless you actually need them, they are security risks.
Well unless you need plug and pray across your network, why have a service running listening on an open port?
most router firewalls use upnp to allow ports to be opened and closed on demand by apps that support it :) If you have a NAT router, its best to leave SSDP, UPNP, DCOM enabled.
Now will disabling any of the afore mentioned services affect my Steam connectivity?

Check that... I have SSDP & UPNP disabled but DCOM Services Process Launcher on "Automatic" so I doubt that it's affecting Steam in any way. Hmmmm, I am gonna set SSDP & UPNP to "Automatic" and keep an eye on the Event Viewer. One thing though, I do use WMP 11 a bunch.
If you use WMP 11 quite a bit with “SSDP and Universal plug and play device host service” stopped or disabled I would say that’s what’s causing the Dcom error to show up, I believe WMP 11 scans the system from time to time for connected devices/mobile for your play list.

If you don’t use an external device with your library on it then I would say it’s safe to leave the two above mentioned services to disabled/stopped and the Dcom error is just to let you know it tried to check for connected devices but couldn’t with no harm done.

I haven’t installed WMP 11 yet on anything I’ve got “nothing close by I could look at either” so I can’t check but you might look around in the options or preferences to stop WMP 11 from scanning for connected mobile/devices if you don’t use them…that should stop the Dcom error also.
It should be mentioned that the DCOM error is benign.
It should be mentioned that the DCOM error is benign.

Yeah, I had the feeling that it was.

Well the error is gone :) But now I get an error for the "Windows Update Agent" :s

Category: Installation

Event ID: 20

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070020: Automatic Updates.

I do have Automatic updates set to ask me if I wish to download and install updates. Go fig :p
Go to WU and manually check for updates. Sometimes there are some that get stuck.
I usually do it manually, but now (for about 3-4 months) I set it to look for updates and then ask.

Thanks for all the help guys. :)

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