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Dawn of the Dead


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I enjoy seeing a fun horror flick every once in a while, and I just saw this one last night. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was and I recommend it for anyone interested. The last zombie movie I saw was "28 Days Later," which was excellent. "Dawn of the Dead" is nearly as good, but not quite as stylized in the direction/filming. One thing it does have are some really funny scenes... not your typical stupid one-liners like many films in the genre. Great movie overall.

4/5 OSNN Stars <--edited... :D


I'm sorry Hal...
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I saw this the other day. Its pretty good, definatly a throwback to 70's classics. I wouldn't say it was better than 28 Days Later as its just too predictable and old skool. but its a lot of fun and some excllent creature effects


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Awesome movie...I don't even like zombie movies but my girlfriend dragged me out to see it and I loved it...I just like a horror movie with real horror with gore an stuff and I thought the special effects were awesome...too bad they didn't kill Rosie O'DOnnell if you catch my drift...have to have seen the movie to know that one!


friend said it had 2 girls kissing, so i am on my way this weekend :p + he said something about it being good but by then i could careless
I to saw DOTD and thought it was a good remake on the classic, not great but entertaining nevertheless. As for 28 Days I thought it was a breath of fresh air and highly stylized take on the zombie genre it was an excellent film.

My hats off to the Brits(i'm assuming here) for finally making a genuinally scary film that the Americans have been falling short of in a long while.

Although not a zombie flick guys if you haven't seen "Wrong Turn" I think its one of the very few films to be genuinally scary unlike "Cabin Fever"



wrong turn? that was pretty weak with the monsters.. go to the classic horror movies, none today are what the classics used to be :)
gothika was good suspense movie, not sure if it would be concidered scary but you are on edge of your seat a lot. (or just watch stir of echos where the finger nail breaks off and that is all you need for scary)


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Khayman said:
There is no such kissing going on
Yeah, I really don't recall that happening either. But see it anyway!

Be sure not to get up and leave immediately when the credits start rolling... you'll see what I mean. ;)


I'm sorry Hal...
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kreepy20 said:
forget about seeing girls kiss in the movie get the real thing at home its about a million times better
I don't have any girls kissing in my home ... :(

Hang on

*goes to check*


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