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Damn viruses...


"Anything for $50!"
My stupid, stupid roommate downloaded a file off KaZaa and game us both the LoveLetter virus. I reformatted after backing up my MP3's on his hard drive, then he did the same. My problem is that some of them have been somehow transformed into "system files." They're still MP3's, but they're now hidden and system files! How do I take the system file designation off them?
Delete those that have a 'system file' designation, or at least run them throught a good scan. You can right click on the affected files to change their properties.


"Anything for $50!"
No, it's not that simple. Give me some credit here. The right click menu has hidden checked, but greyed out so I can't use it. When I move it, Windows says "Are you sure you want to move this system file?"

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