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Damn netzero


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Alright my mom and step dad wanted me to get a program that tells mewhen someone is calling so they dont miss any imporant calls but ithasnt turned out the way i wanted. I got the program and call waitingbut net zero is being a girl dog :p. When i switch the settings todisable call waiting so the program works net zero wont connect at all.I am using the right number to disable call waiting so I am clueless aswhat is wrong. Anybody have any ideas? Its prob something that i amover looking :dead:.I told my mom it wasnt gonna work a lil bit ago and that we shouldeither get another phone line or cable internet but she didnt sayanything expect why doesnt it work again.

American Zombie

Staff member
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There are two things the ISP has to support for this to work.

1. Must be a V92 connection.

2. Must support "modem on hold".

Lots of V92 ISP's have stopped supporting "modem on hold" for whatever reason.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
I dont have a v.92 modem so yeah...:(. I might just see what my mom says about getting another line or cable i guess. I dont really want to be stuck with dial up tho :(.

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