damn, my third tread for today; Another problem!


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Man I am busy today. Now that I am subscribed to a lot of treads, Windows Messenger keeps telling me there has been a new e-mail from XP-erience.org. I DON'T CARE. I removed the tick next to "Display alerts when e-mail is received", but it keeps telling me. I installed the latest version (1.42b) of Messenger Plus!, maybe that is the problem? Does anyone knows the answer?

PS. I am asking a lot of questions right now, but I visit the forums on a regular base to find problems I might solve. So, I am doing something back.


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xp-erience.org 0wns you :p

when you type a thread you have the option whether to recieve emails notifying you about emails.
If you do want it but just want to stop msn telling you...

then i dunno because im having the same probs
ive disabled mail alerts but still get it
i too have msn plus! but i didnt before.


i think he means in Messenger in general... what version of messenger are u running? 4.6.007?


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Isn't Trillian stuffed with spyware and stuff? Otherwise I will install the program. But first I want to get rid of the e-mail notification bug(?) in Messenger. I want to be a computer expert in the future, so I don't want to solve thing by just getting rid of them.
BTW I am using the latest version (4.6.0077) in combo with the latest version of Messenger Plus! (1.42b). And like akash, the problem didn't occur when Messenger Plus! wasn't installed. I installed it for the first time in Februari or so.
Thank you for your thoughts
Ever since the beginning of the year MSN has has some real problems. I haven't been bothered to really read some of the articles I found, basically saying that MSN has no idea what's going on and can't fix it at the moment.

Yes Trillian is an excellent alternative to MSN like catch23 said (although it lacks the audio/video features of MSN, Yahoo etc), but excellent otherwise. It's skinnable too which makes it much better with visual themes.

I have had so many problems with MSN I have nuked it right off my pc. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!


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I kicked Messenger out and I installed Trillian. So far Ad-Aware didn't pick up anything. Must say Trillian uses more memory than Messenger, but that's no problem.
Thanks guys/girls for all the input.

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