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Dameware - Super Remote Control Tool


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MAIN SITE: http://www.dameware.com/
DameWare NT Utilities: http://www.dameware.com/products/dntu/

I searched and found out not that much info was posted about dameware. Let me start by sayings this is the most powerfull network admin tool right now that i know of.

How do i use it for home?
Very easy.. Dameware lets you create a install package that can be installed on any machine. This allows you to remote access any computer world wide by their computers Public Ip address (You need foward port 6629 to the wanted computer)
NOTE!!! You can Foward and use Multiply Ports for example 6621, 6622,6623 In my linksys router is fowared to 3 differnt computers

How do i use it on a LAN?

All you need is Admin rights to the computer. Also windows firewalls needs top be turned off, or you can turn it off useing dameware remotely.

If you have any questions leave them on here...


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