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D915PBL Win Loading Issues


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hello, I am new here and forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

I just finished putting my PC together. This is my second build here is the Hardware

Lian Li Case

Intel D915pbl MB


Envidia 5700 PCI-E-16


3 IDE devices (DVD Burner, DVD, 52X)

1 Floppy 3.5

PCI-IDE adapter card

3 Hard Drives, 80 Gig WD, 250 Gig WD, 250 GIG Maxtor

I am having problems loading Windows XP Pro. I keep getting Error codes that inform me that windows has stopped loading to protect my computer. This codes about half way through windows loading the drivers in the beginning of the install. I got passes some of them and then I got a message saying there was no hard drive detected. They are all present in the BIOS.

I have the hard drives connected to the SATA ports. I am using the SATA cables with the small ends. And the devices are powered with the standard 4 pin cable. 2 CD ROMS are on the MB IDE Channel, and the third is on the IDE-PCI adapter.

I would appreciate any advice or help from anyone that has encountered this.


If the optical drives are on an IDE channel by themselves, try switching the jumpers to 'cable select' instead of 'master'. Have found this has fixed similar problems when installing XP on SATA drives.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks, I will try that.

The Optical drive that is on the PCI-IDE card is not responding, it will not even open up. I attributed this to the drivers not being loaded, as windows has not loaded up yet.

I was wondering if I should plug my hard drive into one of the 2 IDE plugs to load windows on, and unplug the SATA devices.

Would windows recognize them once it was up and running, or is there going to be issues if it is sending error codes on install?

Did you use the SATA Drivers that are on a floppy disk that came with the motherboard?
I am currently going through a similar issue. Although I know mine is just a matter of properly setting up Windows to use the SATA drivers to run the HD with windows, and what settings I need in the bios.

Sometimes in the bios you need to set the drive (If SATA) to be SCSI as the primary drive. Plus, I would remove everything non essential for installation. Only have the optical drive, ram, HD, video card, I'm sure you know what's essential.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the help, here is were I am at.
I have double checked everything and had a drive power plug un-pluged, so the drive is OK.
Everything is recognized in the BIOS, and the drives are set properly in the boot sequence.
Error codes are gone, and just stuck with not being able to have a HD recognized.
Tried a second known good drive and same thing.

I have the RAID disabled in the BIOS.


Here is my setup and how it is powered
Top to bottom off the panel

Here is my Lian Li Case
RAID MAX 420 W Power supply.

ASUS CD 52X ROM, (IDE) (set to master, on Mother Board IDE channel)

SONY DVD/CD RW (IDE) (Single IDE cable to PCI-IDE Adapter Card)

SONY DVD ROM / CD (IDE) (Set to Slave, on Mother Board IDE channel)

Enermax Fan Controller/Temp USB/1394 and Card Readers (USB and 1394 plugged
into Bus on mother board

SONY 3.5 FLOPPY (IDE) (On Single Floppy channel)

Western Digital 80 GIG HD (No jumpers) (plugged into SATA port 0)

Western Digital 250 GIG HD (No Jumpers) (Plugged into SATE port 1)

MAXTOR 250 GIG HD (No Jumpers) (Plugged into SATE port 1)

PCI-EXPRESS-16 Nvidia 5700


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