D-Sub Power Rating

Hey guys, I guess this would be the right catagory since it IS hardware related -

Does anyone know if Dsub connectors could be used for AC application, even though their primary use involves low power dc operations? If so, about how many amps would each pin support?

Thanks for any info... I already spent some time looking on google and found nadda, so I'm hoping someone here knows this stuff.



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They are sized for 22 AWG which puts them at 5 amps max. The voltage isolation rating is 600V (don't use them at that, it is max withstanding) which means they are ok for 115Vac.

If you use them for 115Vac limit it to 1-2 amps and SCREW THEM TOGETHER! Do not just push them in. They will work loose and be a fire hazard.

Thinking about it...

You mean inside equipment after a fuse and switch right?

Not for house power. The only thing legally rated for 115Vac outside of equipment is the standard outlets. Anything else will void your insurance and open you up for liability and property damage lawsuits.
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