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Dabba Dooba
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this stuff reall work and how so? it looks pretty cool...i need them really bad. I seen a commercial with a truck driver and a hitch hiker i think it was when the truck drivers cd is skippin and then the hitch hiker grabs his cd and puts the d-skin and it plays it.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
its somethin that snaps on a cd and it protects the cd and while u have it on u can still use the cd. Correct me if i am wrong


- geek -
Sounds interesting ... never heard of such a thing :)

ps - you edit your 1st post? cuz I only saw 1/2 of whats there now

Electronic Punk

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I think we are going to be advertising that stuff, I think it pays well so click on it.
Seen all kinds of things that promise to do this, they never seem to stick around very long :)


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Saw the commercial too ... it looks really interesting. If it does what it's supposed to ... I don't see how it can be bogus. It's not like it's promising to end world hunger. I'd probably find it useful if I still carried CDs around ... now backup CDs are so dispensable. Late technology for me.
okay. let me put it this way, the discs may be fine in an audio cd player where the drive is locked at 1x. Hate to see what happens when the disc spins up to 52x though.

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