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D-Day August 16th



Its been on the news,

If you have an unregistered verison of Microsoft Windows XP e.g if you got a copy off a mate, or didnt buy the original version retail with the official sticker for Microsoft Windows Xp, anytime after the 16th of August YOU log onto the internet, the Micosoft Database logs you IP and you computer will Reboot every 3 minutes no matter what for an X amount of time. (from 6 months to when ever)

I heard this on the news this morning so I presume some of it MUST be true.

Whats your opinion.

Are there patched avaliable of the net? etc...

Kind Regards
Steve | Sh|te
LOL! :p :rolleyes:
Any links? And what news channel was this?

AFAIK, August 16th is the day the MSBlast worm launches it's DoS attacks against Windows Update.
This is pretty hilarious considering M$ themselves put out a "How to Change the Volume Licensing Product Key on a Windows XP SP1-Based Computer" quite some time ago..


I think they got to a point and said what the hell, "if you can't beat em, at least tell em how to do it right".. So they gave us directions on how to change the damn product key #.
If I remember correctly this was originally intended for the corporate xp versions since they didn't need to be licensed but still needed to be registered.


Boogie Nights...!
How can they possibly get your IP address just by logging on to the net? Perhaps if you visited their site...but surely not just by being connected.



Originally posted by sboulema
if its true it doesnt matter. rebooting every 3 minutes has been a feature of windows since 3.11 :p
Unless you had ME then it was every 30 seconds :D
Originally posted by Teddy
How can they possibly get your IP address just by logging on to the net? Perhaps if you visited their site...but surely not just by being connected.

a trojan would do the trick...and hell - they could put one in on your comp as part of windows update no prob


. . . . . . . . .
Yes, and Al Gore invented the internet, the RIAA funded the KGB (well, this may actually be true...), the Muppet Show was an attempt at brainwashing children, Elvis is alive and lives in Chicago, and KFC serves real chicken.

For the love of... If Ms/M$ was willing to do such things, they'd probably be proficient enough to produce OS packages with less security holes. :p


Overclocked Like A Mother

Isn't there gonna be an MS "representative" that will come to your door and will kindly remind you that you need to purchase a licenced copy of Windows? Kind reminders include: bustin kneecaps, shootin your big toe off, cement boots. force you to watch "Attack of The Killer Tomatoes" movie in it's entirety, etc...



Originally posted by Lighter
Yes, and Al Gore invented the internet
Actually Al Gore was one of the ones who made it avialible to the public back in the early 80's. Before that it was only availible to the government. With him doing that it made it possible for aol to beborn *Shutters*. So you could say he atleast had something to do with the Internet being born ..

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