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Curse Samba -> Routing With Windows


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Hi there
I have been using a clarkconnect server for the last 7 months and been very happy with it all except for one thing, filesharing. I just cant get that blasted samba to work the best I can do is share the home directories for all the 4 users, but i cant create a general share which i what i really wanna do. I am so fed up with it I am gonna put windows on the server. What routing software does people recommend? Kero's winroute is the only one i know is the best or do people know of a better one???
Cheers :)
have you tried using something like SWAT to setup the SAMBA server?

think its in inetd, and you connect on port 901 with a web browser, but that could just be FreeBSD


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Why cant you create a general share?

public = no
writeable = yes


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tried simular to that and it just stops acess :(
the only places i could get it to work in are the home directories and the temp directory
I am still currently using clarkconnect home 2.1


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as far as i was concered is writable as i set readonly=no and writeable=yes
no ideas on the other permissions i had tried setting us all and made sure we all had samba users and samba passwords etc
he means like the Unix folder permissions

say you have
as your shared directory you often need to make it
chmod -R 777 to make it rwxrwxrwx so that its readable, writeable and visible to all users groups and world. (x on a folder means its visible or can be looked in, x on a file means its executable)


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sorry geffy dont quite follow is not like normal linux is a adapted version, clarkconnect i do hower have rome command line access is that what your saying there? Sorry I like to feel at far more than just computer literate but linux confuses the hell out of me.

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