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Just been watching a current affair program on tv. What a laugh. It was about downloading mp3's & movies. They kept saying, "Now this is illegal". Then they would give a list of sites to go too for mp3's. Then "This is illegal". Now they show the movie download sites. What a joke. Some guy was even showing how easy it is to do in front of the camera. Ahhhhhh what a world. :D
"Now this is illegal". hahahahahahahaha


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Well in major parts they're right cause this is a way to expand viruses . I prefer to buy and keep my system safe - personal opinion .


I feel for ya m8. i really do. Get cable or sky then you get television X, Playboy and the Adult Channel and Men and Motors !!!

But I'm not meant to watch them cuz of my parents but whose to know! :p

*Oh hi mum*


Dont have time for TV, Except for Hockey and Football(American football)

And any movies I watch I downlaod off of Usenet...usually b4 they are released. ;)

Then we watch them on the DVD through the bose speaker system. :cool:

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