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As some of you know I am trying to take a job in Kuwait and as usual I have forgoten a little tidbit of info reguarding currency conversions that I hope you can help me re-understand. The U.S. to Kuwait about $3.30 USD to 1 Dinar. But what is a Dinar worth in relation to $1.00 US?

Hypothitical situation. A walkman that costs say $10 US, would it mean that in Kuwait the same walkman would cost the equivlant of $33.00?

This is the part that has me all screwed up for some reason. I can't seem to determine the buying power difference between the 2 currency's.

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If 1 Dinar is worth 3.30 USD then 1 USD is worth 0.30 Dinar (aprox).
The second question is not that simple, but it should cost pretty much the same.


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ok, but what is the buying power of a dinar compared to the dollar? I get the exchange rate. But say an $10 item here in the US, I might only have to spend 1/4 Dinar in Kuwait, or maybe 500 Dinar, etc. Do you see what I am trying to get at?


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I would really apreciate it themafia!

The reason I am asking this is that I recieve a daily living allowance of $35 dollars per day in Dinars, which is 10.3134 Dinar. So how much food can I buy with 10.3134 Dinar's? I hope that makes it clearer.

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