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I am staring at my Riva TNT2 card from my torn apart server and I noticed the plug consisting of 2 rows each of 13 pins. I remember the old S3 vid cards had the same thing, it was used to interconnect a 3DFX VooDoo card, but what is it used these days for? Can you 'upgrade' the videocard by a module? What is the purpose of it on my Riva TNT2 Ultra card?
I did wonder about this a while back when I was last diggin in my server (which has a Riva TNT) and did also wonder if I could do something like the SLI (Scan Line Interleave) thing you could do with the Voodoo2 cards, but I decided I couldnt be bothered for a server
Wasn't it just like the VooDoo cards get the images from the RGB out, resample it and output it to the monitor? Or maybe videocards can be used in an array...

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