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CS - Still got it !


Prodigal Son
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
Posting a server is so last year ;)

Just get Steam installed and give me your "friends" address.

Ummm, ok. I am not even sure I ever upgraded to 1.6. I think I am still on 1.5 :S


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Steam friends name Voodeehoo or 13Strikes...don't really play that much but I'll look for whoever uses 1.6

Electronic Punk

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Xsiv: We have the Steam installer in our downloads section.
Install that.

You don't even need Half-life or Counter-strike installed, but you will need your cdkey.

Having said that.
Install HL or CS first so it can build the cache from that, then you can remove em.


is there still cs 1.5 servers? im on 56k and cannot get 1.6 off stream really. gah. i didnt think 1.5 was still in operation


Prodigal Son
Steam friends name xsivforce. I just jumped on a server and was lagging so bad I couldn't even play. :S We'll get some games together. ;)

Electronic Punk

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xsiv: you basically have to let everything (all the various applications) update before playing.

It does get better believe me.

Mav882000: I am also a dial-up user, but I just left Steam running. It works great.


Prodigal Son
I have tried to join a couple of games. I get to the select team screen and I hit auto select. Then I get stuck as a spectator. And what's worse, I cannot move as a spectator, I can only look around.


Does anyone know if there are plans on a Counterstrike mod for HL2? Im positive there will be. :D


Prodigal Son
I have tried to connect to at least 15 servers. Of the few I actually connected to, I was stuck as an unmovable spectator. Is there something new that I am not doing?


OSNN Advanced
56k? try jolt if there is a US server available.
I play 1.5 and steam, but find steam really awful. its so buggy beyond belief imo.

Electronic Punk

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xsiv: what are the pings of the servers you are attempting to join... you got a firewall on?

CyberCowBoy: Officially I know that Minh Le is working on Counter-strike 2.0 - Unofficially I know that Counter-strike has been ported to the HL2 engine.

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