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CS Screen lag

I have massive ammounts of screen lag and cant get it fixed. I know it has nothing to do with my connection because i have the same exact problem on condition zero (singleplayer). It alwasy plays fine for 2 minutes and then lags real bad for about 30 seconds.

Windows XP Home
1.8 GHZ P4
512 RAM
80 GB
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro

Any ideas?



- geek -
Could be alot of things. Make sure your HD is defraged and more RAM the better for any gaming. :) Also could be you need to tweak some settings but since it happens on both on and offline more apt to think its either HD fragmented or its swapping from RAM to HD.
ah i gotta try defragging...i closed every possible process that isnt needed to run the computer...still no effecting...im crossing my fingers on the defrag


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you know what I have the same problem...I don't know what happened but just recently my game lags allt he time...I have a 3mbit cable connection, 1 gig of 3200 ram and I can't figure it out...think I'm going to try and run some older forceware drivers...oh yeah also defragged recently as well

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