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21 Jun 2002
looking to start a server for CS and OR ut2004 when I get it and I'm wondering what the minimum requirements are for this. Also what kind of internet upload speeds do I need for this as well...any help would be appreciated and this is not a fact that I will be setting it up I just want to see if it's possible.
Not sure on the specs, but either would be good...
I know PK is desperate to shoot me. :p
On Broadband you're unlikely to be able to support more than 12 players because unless you have a really good upload speed. I've tried playing on a home server (friend's) and we experienced quite a lot of lag.
awesome...my isp just went up to 3MBps d/l so I have to check the u/l so then I can set one up...12 is perfect for me since I don't like huge servers anyway. It's all dependent on when I build my new rig then I can use my old one as a server.
you must have comcast..
and if so.... you have a 30ks upload :p
just host one from your school or work
mooo said:
you must have comcast..
and if so.... you have a 30ks upload :p
just host one from your school or work
whow... is that kilobits or kilobytes??
They are stingy. UK ISP give at least 256KB/s on a 512 connection.
.... waiting .... taps fingers on the desk ....

.... time to die ....
well not in school anymore and I am a contracted IT guy for some businesses here so I guess I would have to set up a faster upload...we'll see I'll keep everyone informed...so then we can frag and roXor each other...I hate leet speak but like to make fun of it and use it...

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