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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wezman2k, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. wezman2k

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    hey, i am having some trouble with CS on windows 98. even after the updates i get this error message that has to do with Ddhelp. and it asks me if i want to ignore the problem or continue. well... i can't do either because the mouse and whole computer completely freezes up. any input?
  2. wezman2k

    wezman2k Guest

    and i've also tried re installing several times
  3. -=Mafia=-

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    reformat =O)
  4. wezman2k

    wezman2k Guest

    u think that will help?
  5. niabi

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    my god another format maniac :D

    now please before you do that whyt don't you try reinstalling DirectX 8.1 since ddhelp i think gots to do something wth it.

    remember use format as a last resort not your first :D

  6. niabi

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    whatever, i don't fell like arguin with you, it seems nobody is gona change the way you think, heck i could not care less.


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  8. wezman2k

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    i have direct X 8.1