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CS - Memory Management prob???




I've been playing CS for ages on Win98 without problems. I moved to XP a few months back and since then have been having control problems.

Basically what will happen is the game will stop responding to input from the mouse and the keyboard for a period of time (usually 0.5 - 4 seconds), during this time the game continues to run as normal just i have no controls. This repeats approx every 30 seconds to a minute. Also, the last 'command' i gave it (fire or whatever) gets looped in the game untill the lockup is over - so i end up running into corners shooting the wall and stuff. Its getting really annoying :(

Anyway, i noticed that these lockups only happen after a map change (i.e. on the second map). It doesnt matter what map, just always happens on second map onwards. If i close CS and reload the problem is gone (until next map change).

Some1 suggested to me this is a memory management problem, i.e. Xp isnt UNLOADING the data from the previous map after a map change so then runs extremely low on resorces for the next map.

Im running all the latest drivers and have tried loads of things to fix it. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.


Sys = {AMD athlon tbird 1400, 256 DDR ram, dlink 530tx NIC, ATI Radeon 64mg VIVO (old style), WinXP pro};

Appart from this system is running fine.

Also CS is currently running in compatibility mode for win98 - but i have also tried it in the other modes including NO-Compatibility.



Do you have "XP PowerToys" installed?
If so, uninstall it.

It is XP related. Because of the fact that your enviroment continues to function around you without interuption, but you cannot, sounds like the problem that somthing in "XP Power Toys" causes. Uninstall it and try CS again :)


its not a memory management problem. i had the same problem as you. xp uses acceleration.

add this to your command line "-nomouseaccel" without the quotes. it solved my problem. hopefully, it will solve yours also.

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