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Crystal msstyle!!!! AMAZING!


High On Life!
I found this nice Ass theme! its all amazing except one part but i can live with it! if anyone who knows how to fiddle with themes plz fix that annoying thing and reupload plz! the only thing is when u have any programs in the start bar the mouse over is purple which isnt a mans color but its ok. but thats only minor the rest is amazing! comes with nice user pics!:happy:

Crystal Preview

and if u dont wanna wait click here to download it :D

Ps. a pic is attached of the thing tha bugs me
im a big fan of the crystal style. be sure to check the wmp and winamp and getright skin. And the logon screen. and of course the crystal icons.


High On Life!

can u post links to them plz cuz when i get the pc back up and running( im using the laptop) i want to change all the ugly windows ones so it actually looks like all is one theme if u know what i mean so it all runs together.:happy:


High On Life!
cant find the wallpaper for it. can u help me? i been to wincustomize, deskmod, themexp, and the authors site and i cnt find it i found one gay one that isnt that nice. i put it as my backround until somone can send me a linkn for the real one..
clouds for crystal xp :eek:


High On Life!
umm wanna try?

well when im back and running on my pc we could both try sboulema ok? we could try to get the pics of the K with the little gear behind it and make it nice and big trying not to lose pixels and make it 16 colors and we are set ok? DeaL?:happy: :)


High On Life!

yay! looks like a date errmmm i mean.........:p :D

i mean a deal hehe btw im just kidding about the date thing
dont want u to think i like internet relationships! especially with other guys!:D

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