Crying out for format!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Manos P, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Manos P

    Manos P Guest

    It's been a few weeks now that my dear pc is crying out for format. My young bro messed up the whole place inside the system folder & as it was expected nothing works fine! Can somebody tell me how do i go into dos mode and format my boot HDD? Thanx
  2. Crucial

    Crucial Guest

    No need to go to dos.

    Just pop the old WinXP CD-Rom into your CD-rom drive, make sure that the CD-rom drive is above the hard drive in the bios boot up order, sit back and reinstall. (There's an option to repair your current install, or to format and install a fresh).

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  3. Tabula Rasa

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    If you do insist on formating after all:

    Get a Windows 98 boot disk, and run it (make sure you boot from floppy).
    After that write "Format C:" (if C i the drive you want to format, without the quotes).
    after you done formating it will ask for a drive label, you can write whatever you want or just leave it empty ( just press enter).
    Thats about it, after your done formating boot from the XP cd and install it.

    Good luck ;)
  4. Draco_Blood_

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    Or a Mix of the two :)

    Pop the good ol cd-rom in and go through the setup till you see a selection menu and the default is "Leave the current file configuration", what you wanna do is chose the one right on top of that i believe.. called FORMAT in NTFS :)

    gotta love formatting :)

    have fun ;)
  5. Manos P

    Manos P Guest

    I did what Crucial told me but i didn't really help (Thanx m8 anyway)! It seems i need a total clean up of HDD C. Furthermore by the time i re-installed WinXp i have no access at all to my Secondary HHD(NTFS formatted) where most of my files had enrypted attributes!!!! I'm really getting sick of the whole job :mad:
    I'm now trying to re-gain access to my old files (mp3's most of them) !!!!
    Any help?