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I just had a Sony CRX175E CD-RW installed by my computer's manufacturer because my old drive went bad (it's still well under warrenty) Anyway, I had formatted all of my CD-RW's with Roxio's Direct CD. When I put these discs into my new drive (I don't have any roxio software installed anymore), I can see what's on them with no problem. But when I try to copy certain files (some work, some don't, with no pattern) I either get a "Can't read from source file or disk" error, or an "Illegal MS-DOS operation" I thought it might just be a corrupt disc, but it does it with my other CD-RW's too. I don't have any RW's that aren't formatted this way, so I can't even check to see whether my drive just has a problem with RW's. Also, the discs also display as "unrecordable" when I view their properties. I get an error when I try to erase them either through Windows or through the software they gave me. (NTI CD-Maker 2000 Plus)

Any ideas? Could DirectCD be my problem?
Yeah, the problem is most likely that they were created with DirectCD so you would need DirectCD to fully edit them and such

there were alot of problems like that with InCD, InCD even had a few version upgrades that were substantial enough that they warned you if you donwloaded the new InCD you couldn't read some of your old CD's

I HATE the RW standard...I vowed never to use a RW disc again after all the problems I had with them heh.

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