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13 Aug 2004
Hello Everyone.

I am currently building a computer for a friend using old spares i got lying around at work. He's getting an athlon mp 2800+ with 512mb ddr400 ram and an abit kv7-v board. Not the freshest of the fresh but he's getting it for free so. However, im also adding a separate soundcard rather than the onboard one, so my question is, what of this two options are the best really?

1. Soundblater Live 5.1 player
2. Soundblater Live 24bit

Cheers for any help!
I looked around about both of them, i would just go with the 5.1player as it offers 5.1 sound, plus it is also 24bit as well.
Thanks for the reply, so just out of curiosity, what is the difference between these two cards really? I haven't found much about it on google.
The 5.1 is a very common classic sound card. Safest bet for compatibility and ease of setup.

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