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Warning: This will be a bit lenthy as I have a lot of details to include. :)

First off, does the built-in FTP in OS X work outside of a local network, or is it only intended for the purpose of file-sharing in a private network?

I've been trying to get an FTP server up and running using CrushFTP, which I found to be one of the best reviewed apps on VersionTracker. Setting up an FTP server in Windows was always pretty intuitive for me, so I didn't expect any trouble getting CrushFTP to work. I did everything I thought needed to be done... setup user accounts, specified which folders on my drive to share, set permissions and opened port 21 in OS X's firewall as well as 6000-6015 for passive ports (which I also defined in CrushFTP). There are plenty of advanced settings that I'm not concerned with, so I didn't mess with those. I started the server and let my friends know to give it a try.

The friends of mine who will be uploading to my server most of the time are in Central Asia. When they try to log in, I see it in the activity log on the server. A few times they connected, but couldn't see any of the contents of the directory. I have 3 folders in the directory and a couple of files. When they tried to upload a file, it timed-out on them. Lately when they try to connect though, they never get on and I get a message along the lines of "IP cannot be determined." What's strange to me is that I can log on using CuteFTP on my PC, and it has a different IP (not part of a home network).

I'm pretty much at a loss for what to try next. I started to ditch CrushFTP and maybe try a different server, which is why I'm inquiring about OS X's built-in FTP server. Unless someone can tell me otherwise, I don't think it will work and I know it won't have options for protected user accounts, etc.


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