Crucial Radeon 8500LE


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I was recently on Crucial's website looking at some memory for my ECS K7VZA motherboard and noticed they had an attractive price on the video card mentioned in the subject of this post. I have no experience with ATI video cards and I was wondering if anyone with knowledge of these cards would suggest this card or not. Here is the url if you want to check it out...

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.
i would say that it is fairly priced. it is a good card, that will perform well under some games. but if you want a really good card, without paying alot go for the 9500 pro, its cheap, and offers good performance.

in a while Sazar will be here to tell you exactly what he thinks, he is the most informed about all of the video technology, more so than i am.


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I bought the 8500 LE last month from Crucial (also spotted it when buying memory), and seems good value for money - although I am not a gamer so cant realy put it to the test, so to speak.



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I am not a big gamer either....I play Links 2003 and Soldier of Forturne II....thats about it should do fine for what I do.


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its a very good all around card... with nice functionality when it comes to multimedia (good tv-out, ViVo)

and the gaming performance is more than adequate...

the price on that card is not too bad either :)

I personally owned an 8500 series card before buying my current one and was most happy with it... will struggle a bit playing stuff @ max resolution with all eye candy turned on in the latest games.. but plays them well @ lower resolution...

also dvd playback and image quality are excellent...

the drivers for the 8500 series of cards are also among the best in the ati lineup since they have been out there for a while...
my gf has a radeon 8500le from crucial in her pc (p3 733, 512mb pc133) and its actually a really good card for the price (i paid £66 for it a while back).


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welp..too late now...done ordered it...will be here on Friday..:)...I am getting a copy of Ghost Recon...guess that will push the card to its limits...will have to wait and see.

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