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crossover not working help


Nissan Powered
So I went over to my moms house to hook my little sister and her pc together with a cross over and share the internet well they see each other just fine but ever time I run the networking wizzard on the computer with internet all it does is go through the steps then say there was an error it doesn't say what the error is it doesn't even give me a flippin code NOTHING! also in the nics advaced tab it say somthing was currpt I'm thinking this is the error and I rolled the computer back as far as it would go and the damn error is still there. can some one help me out on this or am I gonna have to break my foot off in this computers ass?
If something in the device is corrupt, it's probably drivers, reinstall the newest ones. The networking wizard will only work if all of the devices are functioning properly.


Nissan Powered
I did that and still the same thing happens it works fine if the other computer is the one that connects to the net and not it, whatever its lame and gonna get formatted tomorrow night.


Glaanies script monkey
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you don't need to run the wizard, just plug the cable in, put both computers in the same workgroup, and your done.
Exactly. Connect the two computers with the crossover, set manual IPs for each of them, make sure ICS is enabled on the host, and finally set the IP of the host as the "Gateway" in the TCP/IP properties of the guest machine.
The wizard causes problems more often than not.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
If its cable or DSL I woulod get a router instead. There much better and have a NAT firewall. Besides the host computer will ave to be on everytime the other computer wants to use the net. If ifs dialup then nevermind.


Nissan Powered
that was the problem it wouldn't let me enable anything on the device no firewall no let other computer control the connection no nothing! anyways its works now.

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