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cross over cable slows internet

im connected through an ethernet adsl modem. when my buddy connects his laptop to my 2nd ethernet port using a crossover cable, the files transfer quickly, but the internet is sooo slowwww!

should i just buy a router? i wouldnt really like to solve this without opening my wallet too much.



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It's better to use a router unless your modem has a USB plug as well.
If it's only going to be used occasionally, then I don't see the point in splashing out on something like that.
so if i connect my modem through usb (which it has), and then use 1 of my 2 ethernet ports with a crossover cable, the internet speed will increase for the 'leech' pc?


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no, dont use cross over cable. that's for pc to pc use only.
use the normal cat5 patch cable if you're connecting a pc to a network device/modem.
PC1 - Modem (usb), PC1 - PC2 (crossover) = increased internet speed for PC2

PC1 - Modem (ethernet), PC1 - PC2 (crossover) = slower internet speed for PC2

... thats what im picking up from you post.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
routers are gettin cheap inprice these days, getting one would be the better way to go. No config on your comp side. Besides USB isnt made for networking, ethernet is, is may be faster too on your downloads (no assurances).

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
uh, form I understand is you want to connect the modem to one comp thru usb, and the other to the modem via cat5. I dont think this will work. The modem will prob only accept one at a time.

If your friend uses ur connection alot why not go halves on a router?
Look for sales on a router. They are running $20 bucks (Fryes, Office Depot, Office Max) now for a plain jane ethernet only one.

Plan B check out ebay. The old ones should be damn near free.

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