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cron on bsd and how do i use it

Dark Atheist

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as topic states - i know where it is as i have just found it :) but unlike linux its not overly clear on how i use it for a per user setting, the crontab in /etc looks to be for root only, but what if i want to use another user to run something? can i or do i place it in that file and just change the name under the who coloum?


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man crontab

crontab -e -u <user> # Works only when root
crontab -e # Works as the user you want to set up a crontab for
Do not edit the crontab files by hand.

Dark Atheist

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i forgot about that -e switch - doh, and also forgot to install the man pages when i installed bsd :s - they are in there now though :)
the /etc/crontab file is also a nice source for the format of a cronjob. /etc/crontab though is for system scheduling and not user account scheduling

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