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Credit Card Software


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I have been thinking of integrating Credit Card Software into my site - not so much for a e-store but more so I can send invoices to clients and allow them to use credit cards to pay if desired.

I could work out the details wrt covering myself for the fees I would have to take on, was just wondering if people had worked with specific packages and had feedback on them.

Paypal is also an option, but I want to see what else is out there.


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Use paypal as a processor.
I may end up doing that, however that would also require the user has a PayPal account. Most of my customers do not, and probably would need help in setting one up.

I may have multiple services, such as PayPal and whatever else I decide to go with.


nvm, just found they don't need PayPal. Maybe I will look into this a bit more...

-edit 2-

PayPal E-Mail Payments seems perfect, just what I needed.

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